Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Snowfall: Feb 22 and 23

Isn't it nice to know that those harsh, sub-zero temperatures are gone until next winter?!?!?!?!?

I personally no longer love the arctic temperature zone like I once did, more like a toleration until sweet, sweet February.  Well, February weather is now here and most in the local area have enjoyed several absolutely gorgeous days.  It was almost like a sigh of relief from many of my friends.

Last night we received 4" to 6" of fresh powder.  I was sitting in my living room watching the snow for awhile when the wind began to blow...and I'm talking about blowing pretty hard.

Now this is the cool part.  The snow that had been accumulating on our roof was being blown off into our front yard.  The site was something you would see in a movie.  It lasted for at least 2 hours but then I noticed something not too good.

The snow began to stick to our windows.  We have 4 foot eaves so this was pretty impressive to me.  And now, as I sit here drinking this awesome cup of coffee, I see dirty windows and that won't work for me.

So, a quick video to help us remember that snow is fun when we let it be fun...and so is everything else in life.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Spring is Coming

It has been so long since I logged on I almost forgot how! Well, the coldest period of the year is finally over. Winter is not over but the sub-zero temperatures are a thing of the past (hopefully).

Around the holidays we decided to go down to Arizona and the first day there I was in shorts, surrounded by palm trees. When we left Chaffee County, it was -10 degrees...10 below zero.

While we were down there we did some window cleaning and it was disgusting what came off the windows. The dirt build up is not unique on a window surface, the type of dirt is. This dirt was black so the runoff was nasty.

The screens were really unique because they are the special sun filtering screens, heavy duty. Those type of screens really catch the dirt and dust that flies around so we had to hose them down and they looked like, pardon the expression, they looked like a million bucks when we were done.

Here is a quick video for those of you unfamiliar with what a solar screen is...

The dirt and dust that flies around Salida, Buena Vista and Leadville is brown with a reddish tint to it. The problem we see is that it accumulates on the screens and as a thick film on the window surface. Once moisture is in the air from either rain or snow, the wind blows the dirt or dust directly onto the screens and windows; it sticks and builds from there over time.

This next video is an over-exaggeration of wind blowing in our area because this really looks more  like a tornado developing.

Our area doesn't get massive dirt storms like other areas of the country but we get a constant wind caused by the beautiful mountains we see nearby. One time I did see a "dirt devil" blow a plastic bag about 10 stories high near the Buena Vista airport. It was pretty cool but we do have wind related issues like that.

Here is another video for those of us who like to see things like "dirt devils". The one I saw was fatter and less defined but high like this one.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Professional Window Cleaning Company Video

I figured some of you are just foaming at the mouth and begging for a window cleaning video. Now go get yourself a nice beverage and raise your expectations because this window cleaning video is gonna be EPIC!  BTW, your natural inclination is to try not to tap your toes to the music...resistance is futile.

Side note: for some reason Google will  not allow me to post pictures or videos so let's see if I can work around that issue...and here we go.

Salida Window Cleaning on PhotoPeach

Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter is Here!

Did you enjoy the recent snow fall in the area?  It did get a bit cold at night but look how beautiful the mountains are. So beautiful!!!  If you are having trouble enjoying the view due to dusty, dirty windows then perhaps it is time to do something about it.

Recently we cleaned the windows in a residence and the homeowner exclaimed, "I had no idea my windows were THAT dirty!"  See, she had grown accustomed to the film covering the windows. Once the windows were cleaned AND polished only then could she grasp the magnitude of what she had been visually experiencing.  Between you and me though the biggest effect came once she saw how clean we got the screens.  It is one thing to look through an "invisible" glass but when the screen is not much farther behind that, the WOW factor kicks in hard.

Our regular 10 Step Service includes:

1.  screen removal
2.  sweeping the eaves, window frame (inside and out)
3.  vacuuming the window frame, window channel, sills and jambs
4.  wash the window with our soapy mop...smiley face included
5.  squeegee away the dirtiness
6.  polish the window with our special formula leaving zero streaks, swirls, whatever.
7.  wash the screen with our soapy mop then rinse and dry it
8.  put it all back together
9.  walk through with you
10. watch your face light up when you see how beautiful your windows are!

Two things to expect when we are done:
1.  the windows will appear invisible if there is no reflection happening due to room lighting
2.  when the room lighting is just right (this is usually at night) the windows will sparkle like diamonds...beautiful

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Monday, November 23, 2015

How to have Windows that Sparkle like Diamonds

You think that title is crazy don't you? You think to yourself...."hmmm, I've cleaned my windows plenty of times and they were clean but never looked like DIAMONDS!"  Well, don't go blaming yourself afterall you are not a professional window cleaner.

Have you ever noticed how nice a car looks when you clean it and dry it?  Windows are the same way.  But going back to a car, what happens to the appearance of a freshly cleaned car after it has been waxed? !!!!BAM!!!!  It looks awesome doesn't it?

Windows are no different.  First you have to clean them thoroughly...thoroughly.  A touch of OCD related issues comes in handy at this point. In order to have really clean windows there can be NO hard water spots or mineral spots, these must be removed. This process can sometimes take 30 minutes per window.  It is a pain or is it pane?  Window cleaner humor...it just isn't what it used to be!

Anyhoo, once the window is amazingly clean it has to be polished just like a car. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge the ingredients in the polishing compound as it would violate the Window Cleaners Alliance.

The best way to accomplish the task of having your windows sparkle like diamonds is to call us today. You will have the best windows in the neighborhood regardless of where you live. We are a professional window cleaning company that services the following areas:  Salida, Buena Vista, Leadville, Aspen Breckenridge, Gunnison, Crested Butte, Canon City and Woodland Park.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Impression of a Dirty Building on a Customer

Customer Perception of Your Business from the Street

Business owners I have a question for you. But before I ask the question let's throw some things into the mix...you have a successful business selling widgets. Your staff is trained in all the features and benefits of the mighty widget. More importantly, your staff offers excellent customer service and it shows on their faces. You feel you have an abundance of satisfied customers. So here is the question.

Do you feel a customer will base his or her decision of entering your business by how the exterior of the building looks? And not just the exterior as a whole but possibly anything specific.

In 2011, Morpace, a global market research and consulting firm performed a survey of 1,000 customers and asked them that same question. They wanted to know if the cleanliness and overall appearance of a building was as important as the level of service offered or the cost of the product or service offered.

The results? It played a significant determining factor whether or not a consumer chose a business or went to the competition.

Images probably come into your mind of a convenience store in a big city. Filthy parking lots that have not been power washed in years. Cigarette butts, chewing gum on the ground. A dirty trash can for the customers to use.

Listen to the Numbers because they Do Not Lie

The funny part about the Morpace survey was that all businesses and industries were susceptible. Car dealerships, restaurants, grocery stores and more. Approximately two thirds of those surveyed said they had avoided a business in the past based solely on the exterior appearance...from the street. They didn't even get out of the car to give the business a chance to compete. 95% of all customers agreed that the exterior of a business is important enough for them to base their shopping experience on it alone.

You may argue “but my customers are loyal”. Really? 80% of all customers are open to shopping at a new place. And that's if everything is fine, nothing wrong with the outside of the building.

Today's consumers are more finicky than ever. To make matters worse, everyone carries a smart phone and adds their opinion about where they eat, shop, whatever. Customer perception is unpredictable so you need to do your utmost to excel. Exterior building appearance is crucial.

One area that is often overlooked is clean windows. A professional window cleaning company will change the exterior of the building significantly not only by cleaning and polishing the windows but by sweeping the cob and spider webs down. Sprucing up the entry to the building, etc.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Importance of Energy Efficient Windows: Are YOU Doing Your Part?

What this article does is give you a very brief description of the types of windows and tints used for modern day windows in either commercial or residential settings.  Many people want to do what's right for the environment but think the only way to do so is by driving a more fuel efficient automobile such as a hybrid or electric.  Is that true?  Please consider the following...

Windows or Oil Wells? 

"Consider the following argument. An investment of $8M in a low-emissivity (low-E) coating system permits a manufacturer to produce 1.86 Mm2 (20 Mft2) of glass per year for 10 years and accumulate energy savings during the 20-year life of the window. The result is a savings of 36 M barrels of oil equivalent. 

On the other hand, for an investment of $300M, a 10-well, 213-m (700 ft)- high oil platform off the coast of Santa Barbara can produce 10 K barrels per day for ten years. The result is a depletable supply of 36 M barrels of oil with consequences of oil spills, global warming, and environmental pollution."

Powerful indeed.

Professional window cleaners come across many types of windows  We thought we would give you a sample of what we deal with when we clean the windows at your home or business.  Technology has been evolving since windows were created and since building ages vary, we see them all.

There are 6 different types of glass used in the in glass industry.  Please note how similar the benefits of these types of windows are.  They all pretty much do the same thing; benefit the environment by allowing natural sunshine in but limit heat loss.  So what are they?

The 6 Types of Glass 

1.  Gas Fills
This type of glass is very good for the homeowner who is concerned about the heating bill.  Very good for limiting heat loss.  Argon is used to improve thermal performance because it is approximately 30% more dense than oxygen.  Argon offers sound proofing as well as a barrier for heat loss or heat transfer.

2.  Heat-absorbing Tints
As you can imagine, this type of window is tinted so the sun's radiation is absorbed rather than penetrate the glass.  This is a chemically treated window that reacts to heat. Various intensities are used to allow or limit the amount of light into a room.

3.  Insulated
Double and triple paned glass separated by either gas filled or dead air space allows limited heat loss. Very good choice for homeowner concerned about an electricity bill.

4.  Low emissivity also known as Low-E
If there is such a thing as a "smart glass" this is it.  Why?  It allows the warmth of the sun through in the winter but in the summer it rejects the heat.  How?  It filters long wave radiation.

5.  Reflective
This is a metallic treated window that often has a mirror finish but not always.  Best used in situations where the room temperature MUST be controlled.

6.  Spectrally Sensitive 
A microscopically thin layer glaze is put on the glass to allow light in but limit heat loss. What makes this type of glass unique is that the window is very close to clear, no visible tinting.

If you are contemplating a window upgrade in your home you probably are doing a considerable amount of research.  I recommend going to www.energy.gov and doing a little more research.  There is plenty of material there to get your mind thinking.

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