Friday, October 23, 2015

Window Cleaning in beautiful Salida, Colorado

When you walk into a room, sunlight shining through a clean window creates a dramatic change in the appearance of a space.
Salida Window Cleaning understands the importance of achieving that only comes by detailing a window.  How is that done?  Thankfully we have a touch of OCD that really benefits you.  The window is not clean if you can see dirt and grime in the window sill.  The window is not clean if you can see spider webs all around the interior or exterior frame.  Top to bottom, inside and out we clean the frame, glass, grilles, head, jam, sash and the sill.
And then when you think it's really clean, well, that is when we separate ourselves from the others...we polish the window.  Streak free.                  

But what about the screens?  Screens are delicate but fortunately we are very sensitive to the intricacies of a screen. Yes, we clean screens too.

So why should you use us?  Your home is awesome, your business is awesome and beautiful, clean windows visually complete your hard work.  We have the equipment, the skills and the determination to compliment your efforts.
This is why you should call Salida Window Cleaning at 719-568-8950 and let us WOW you today!

Specializing in custom homes, vacation homes, residential, apartments, resorts and businesses.  Servicing Salida, Buena Vista, Leadville and all surrounding areas in Chaffee and Lake Counties.