Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter is Here!

Did you enjoy the recent snow fall in the area?  It did get a bit cold at night but look how beautiful the mountains are. So beautiful!!!  If you are having trouble enjoying the view due to dusty, dirty windows then perhaps it is time to do something about it.

Recently we cleaned the windows in a residence and the homeowner exclaimed, "I had no idea my windows were THAT dirty!"  See, she had grown accustomed to the film covering the windows. Once the windows were cleaned AND polished only then could she grasp the magnitude of what she had been visually experiencing.  Between you and me though the biggest effect came once she saw how clean we got the screens.  It is one thing to look through an "invisible" glass but when the screen is not much farther behind that, the WOW factor kicks in hard.

Our regular 10 Step Service includes:

1.  screen removal
2.  sweeping the eaves, window frame (inside and out)
3.  vacuuming the window frame, window channel, sills and jambs
4.  wash the window with our soapy mop...smiley face included
5.  squeegee away the dirtiness
6.  polish the window with our special formula leaving zero streaks, swirls, whatever.
7.  wash the screen with our soapy mop then rinse and dry it
8.  put it all back together
9.  walk through with you
10. watch your face light up when you see how beautiful your windows are!

Two things to expect when we are done:
1.  the windows will appear invisible if there is no reflection happening due to room lighting
2.  when the room lighting is just right (this is usually at night) the windows will sparkle like diamonds...beautiful

If you want to experience window cleaning on an entirely different level, call us today at 719-293-1163.

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