Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Snowfall: Feb 22 and 23

Isn't it nice to know that those harsh, sub-zero temperatures are gone until next winter?!?!?!?!?

I personally no longer love the arctic temperature zone like I once did, more like a toleration until sweet, sweet February.  Well, February weather is now here and most in the local area have enjoyed several absolutely gorgeous days.  It was almost like a sigh of relief from many of my friends.

Last night we received 4" to 6" of fresh powder.  I was sitting in my living room watching the snow for awhile when the wind began to blow...and I'm talking about blowing pretty hard.

Now this is the cool part.  The snow that had been accumulating on our roof was being blown off into our front yard.  The site was something you would see in a movie.  It lasted for at least 2 hours but then I noticed something not too good.

The snow began to stick to our windows.  We have 4 foot eaves so this was pretty impressive to me.  And now, as I sit here drinking this awesome cup of coffee, I see dirty windows and that won't work for me.

So, a quick video to help us remember that snow is fun when we let it be fun...and so is everything else in life.

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