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The Top 3 Reasons You Should have Your Skylights Cleaned

If you were to sit down and think about the benefits of having skylights in your home you could easily come up with at least three.  You would not need some expert panel to tell you why they are so good.  You would not need to read some study that was done three decades ago either.

Just off the top of your head you would say:

1.  they allow natural light to come into a specific room of the house.  This lowers my electricity bill AND makes the room look cool.
2.  because they allow natural light in the room, then logically the room is going to be warmer.  Again, this lowers my electricity bill.  Anyone that lives in Salida, Buena Vista or Leadville understands this benefit in the winter season.
3.  and the last benefit of having a skylight in my home is that it adds value to the home.  This is a luxury item and if I sell my home the prospective buyer will see it as such.  And they would be correct.

So those are three quick benefits of HAVING skylights.
Salida Window Cleaning washing skylights

What are the 3 reasons you should have your skylights cleaned?

1.  because we live in an area surrounded by forests, pollen and dust (and other airborne pollutants) are abundant and these two items easily accumulate on the surface of the skylight.  Quickly, these materials bind to the skylight and continue to build while the sun bakes these materials onto the surface.  If left on too long the glass will appear misty or hazy even after a professional cleaning.  This reduces the amount of sunlight that can come through the skylight.

2.  the room cannot be warmed by the sun when the amount of natural light is prevented from coming into the room due to the airborne pollutants and haze.  The electricity bill does not reflect the benefits of the skylight.

3.  and finally, if you are selling your home in the future the prospective buyer will see the hazy skylights as more of a depreciating asset that will need to be replaced either before the closing or will be reflected in the price offered, usually considerably lower than the asking price.

So what should you do?

We recommend having your skylights cleaned at least twice per year.  Skylights are similar to solar panels in the recommended cleanings per year and the effects of airborne pollutants.  We offer package deals for those wanting more than one service.

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