What We Do

By now you are probably wondering what we do for you so before we come out and do an estimate this is what you can expect from us. BTW, we clean the screens everytime for everyone.  The price we quote includes screen cleaning.

1.  Carefully remove all screens and place them below that specific window.  If a screen is old and has begun to deteriorate we will let you know before we attempt to remove it.  If you want us to have a new screen custom made just let us know.  This is a very minor and inexpensive process.

2.  Sweep all eaves around all doors and windows, interior and exterior.  This removes all spider webs, cob webs, etc.  We will not remove bird nests because we love birds!

3.  Same as #2, sweep all door and window frames, interior and exterior.

4.  Open each window individually and clean out the window channel, jamb and sills.

5.  Exterior windows cleaned first. Wash the windows thoroughly with the "mop" including the window frame.

6.  While the window is still temporarily wet, on select windows we draw a smiley face in the soapy window because we like to have fun while we work!

7.  Then we use our awesome squeegee and remove all liquids and soap (and the smiley face).

8.  We then dry the window frame and all corners of the window.

9.  Next is the final step of the exterior window cleaning process.  We polish the windows for a crystal clear finish that leaves no squeegee streaks or swirls.

10. Interior windows...place a towel beneath the window so spill prevention is in place.

11. Repeat steps 5 through 9 on all windows.

12. Screens...now we go back outside and wash all screens with our "mop" and then wipe them down completely.  Most screens will look close to new when we are done. Re-install all screens.

13. Sweep the interior/exterior entry and exit of the home or office so it looks good when you or your customer walks in.

14. Walk through with the customer.

There you have it. Window cleaning done right!  Give us a call today at 719-568-8950 or fill out the contact form to get started.

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